About Judy

Judy is a qualified physiotherapist and medical doctor, and has a Masters degree with a 20 year career focus on wellness and holistic health. Throughout Judy’s extensive medical career, ​ ​her awareness and understanding of the powerful mind-body connection - not only in day to day living, but in healthcare as well - lead to her seeking a way to fulfill this need in society…

So when Judy completed her Masters degree ​qualification in Palliative Medicine, she became even more inspired to drive a campaign for empowering people to live a life of joy, and thus was the birth of S4S Consultancy -​ ​Sunshine for the Soul​ - by God's grace. ​​​L​et’s face it, we all need Sunshine for the Soul​ ​!


  • BSc Physiotherapy
  • MbChB
  • MRCP Part 1-Cambridge
  • Masters in Palliative Medicine
  • Acupuncture course
  • Reiki courses 1 and 2
  • HIV / AIDS Management Course
  • Estate ​A​gents exam​ and Property Course​
  • Mindfulness Teacher Development Retreat
  • Pastel Intermediate Accounting Course


  • Research publication SAMJ Feb 2006-​ A​ssessment of the difference the Hospital Palliative Care Team was making to the hospital patients’ QOL
  • Presentation at 17th Hospice New Zealand Palliative Care Conference
  • TV interview CNBC Africa- Holistic Medicine
  • B​ook launch- Celebration of Self-​ ​​My Journey
  • TV interview SABC 2 Bonitas Housecall- ​O​ne hour live interview
  • Stress management ​/ Burnout​ talks
  • Radio interview- ‘Living ones Bliss’- Bakgat radio
  • Pols magazine article- Get some Sunshine for the Soul and Smile!

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