S4S Eco Zones

Do you know what makes you smile​? Do you allow for time for yourself​? ​ Hasten slowly in the tranquil ​nature focused zones.

S4S Zones are eco friendly developments in nature with spa facilities, relaxation areas and action zones, all focused on well-being as well as the mind-body spirit connection. S4S creates environmental havens which facilitate an ‘escape’ from busyness​,​ by allowing​ ​time​​ for self reflection. This ​concept​ is about ‘being’ not ‘doing’. ​S4S is not a retreat that once completed,​ leaves people feeling great, only to have them return to their old habits,​ ​ it’s an opportunity to learn how to enhance one’s life forever.

S4S Consultancy provides a service, either in the establishment of S4S Zones or in the rejuvenation of existing sites, specific to the requirements of the clientele. T​he company,​ organisation or individual would either locate a piece of land or old building for development into a S4S Zone or we would do so, if required.​ ​ The process involves an assessment of the site,​ considering the specific requirements of the client, and then the step-by-step creation of the vision,​ utilising our building team and other relevant experts. S4S Consultancy advises on the running and services required, and thereafter the client would manage​ the day-to-day functioning.

We encourage businesses and individuals to access their nature-based sites with a focus on fun,​ utilising the holistic principles of mind, body and soul balancing, whilst being pampered in a self nurturing, ​calming and delicious environment. We feel by allowing oneself ‘ time out’,​ or ‘me time’ to listen to one’s body,​ we not only promote health,​ but a ‘wealth’ of rewards such as empowerment, peace and happiness.​ By acknowledging our own needs to balance the 'busyness' with stillness, self reflection and being, our inner voice, or intuition, our spirit or connection to the all-knowing, can be heard. In the long run,​ those who don’t go “within,” often go "without".

Zones of action are also an integral part of the developments as a healthy body equals a healthy mind. It has been proven​ that movement enhances well-being,​ so for instance wonderful walks,​ stretching sessions or ​even​ yoga,​ could easily be incorporated as some of the essential activities on offer​,​ by releasing ‘feel good’ hormones.​ The physical aspect of touch,​ introduced through massage and other treatment modalities,​ assists with feelings of release and relaxation.​ The natural surroundings are a vital reminder of the infinite wisdom inherent in our planet:​ the plants,​ trees,​ birds and animals,​ and how they flow effortlessly with the rhythm of life.

In a nutshell: Spa time meets Art time meets Movement time meets ‘Me’ time meets Smile time?
You decide.............