The primary vision of S4S

We at Sunshine for the Soul are about connecting people and projects, empowerment and upliftment of individuals and communities everywhere, for total well-being. S4S is wellness leading to joy!

Sunshine for the Soul is a global organization that assists people to rediscover their inner joy. The founder, Dr Judy Kirk, ​is ​a qualified physiotherapist and medical doctor with a Masters degree and a 20 year career focusing on wellness and holistic health​. She says that “By reclaiming our healthy​,​ happy selves through nurturing awareness of our state of mind and lifestyle, we access our birthright to sing​, dance​, laugh​, love, and anything else that makes one feel good​.​ The ‘feel​ ​good' factor within is highlighted, as it is our true essence to live a life of blissful awareness.”

Do we know that in order to have true quality of life,​​ healthy relationships,​ abundance and success - in ones workplace and personal life - healthy fun is imperative?​ As ironic as it may sound, ​in all the seriousness of modern society’s day-to-day living,​ what we as adults have most​ forgotten​, is the ability to have fun; to play. This fun​​, free, playtime creates the creative edge which is what sets the individual; the company, and any society apart from the pack!



Why is it important to have fun?

It is a fact that we do our most creative thinking when we are relaxed, for instance, when we are enjoying holidays, ​relaxing in the bath,​ on the weekends, having a fun time. Why wait for a two-week annual holiday to be able to enhance your quality of life, when you could incorporate play, fun, and ultimately well-being into your every day?

Through our five branches, S4S Eco Zones, Shift, Community Uplift​ment​ ,Training and Products, S4S engages individuals and companies at their particular level of need, and together, we craft customised solutions. These connect the various parts required, in order to enhance fun, dial up the productive playtime and in so doing, enhance quality of life.

Shine bright

“Keep your face to the sun and you will never see the shadows.”
Helen Keller