At S4S, we create client-specific, fun, creative,​ wonderfully happy office environments which allow for better productivity, through the creation of personal self-nurturing awareness. Some of the existing working zones are replaced with zones that cater for fun,​ time-out ​activities,​ or even chill areas.​ Where we cannot utilise existing spaces within an office environment, we build new spaces. S4S created Shift for the literal shift of office spaces to move from places of ‘work’ to areas full of fun,​ vibrancy and creativity.​

Dr Judy Kirk feels with simple physical changes, the staff morale lifts and there is a snowball effect on productivity, as well as other team players. Examples of these would be relaxation ‘chill out’ zones where staff understand and appreciate that this is their ‘sacred’ space for recharging, regrouping and replenishing their physical, mental and emotional resources. These fun areas allow for moments where staff can enjoy essential breaks from their desks, stretch, laugh and detach fro​m projects,​ ultimately providing a refreshed approach, with greater task orientated focus in the long term.

In order to create fun, successful office environments, S4S employs the skills of experts from a wide variety of fields,​ and oversees the planning and implementation of strategic office colour combination,​ nature-based therapies and even music.​ The S4S team provides all the necessary skills to assess, advise and implement the structural options in this area, as well as the fittings and furnishings. We also offer a S4S training option for your staff, promoting well-being through topics such as empowerment,​ health issues,​ self nurturing,​ care for caregiver,​ burnout etc​.

Dr Kirk feels that by bringing Nature into our office spaces this not only improves the well-being of all involved, but also creates an awareness of our precious planet – with which we are intricately and infinitely connected.