The primary vision for our Sunshine For The Soul (S4S) training is to create a world of happy adults, living their lives in ​empowered ​bliss​. ​​​T​he tr​aining we offer is very specific to each client, and is therefore individuali​s​ed to the clients’ needs, focusing on​ individual as well as tea​m- ​centred​ ​upliftment​ through fun. This ultimately leads to ​pure joy, which is empowerment to all - both the individual, as well a​s​ the group. A commitment to fun team corporate project​s ​is encouraged, as it is our vision, that through this​​, productivity​ is enhanced.


There are four main​​ forms of training:


​Our goal with our 'fun' shops is for self exploration through​ fun modalities,​ such as self expression, using arts and crafts as a medium. The 'fun' shop is tailored to the group size and focus.


​S4S​ offer​s​ a facilitation function, whereby we would gather together lik​e​-minded people in a forum for greater awareness of the topic,​ for example ​Carer for Caregiver Conference where the central theme ​is burn out and self care.


Here, S4S offers an opportunity for a specific client focus or question to be addressed an example would be Communication in the Workplace. S4S would arrange relevant speakers and experts within this particular field.


I​nactive clients who wish to feel the joy of movement in a peaceful, non-pressured, non-judgmental environment would benefit enormously from this concept. S4S would be happy to assist in putting together a relevant program for this exciting event, as well as providing a list of relevant facilitators, speakers and / or activities.


Dr Judy Kirk feels that the beauty and value of training outdoors​ ​is greatly enhanced hence nature-based venues being one of her ​favourite.​​ ​ S4S would be able to source the environment​ required ​if requested​, plus put together the individualised relevant program for the client.